Fruit collector with scissor and telescopic rod
Fruit Picker

Technical description
This is an agricultural tool for collecting fruits on the higher trees. (figs, prickly pears, apples, mandarins, oranges, lemons, plums and all the fruits of the year).
This innovative structure is composed of a pair of scissors (1) to handle a rope (4) by pulling low the user. One collection bag (2) where fruit falls into. This mechanism is supported a telescopic rod (3), so it can reach about 5m tall.
Fruits do not fall down and hurt, but collected in a bag which is under the scissors and fits accordingly 2-5 fruits.
Also the head of the system (arm-bag) can be used without the pole and used for hand cutting and gathering fruit from the lower trees.


The advantages of the fruit collector :
1. Primarily the use of shear used from the ground.
2. Available for fruits with soft stem eg figs, cherries, etc. and also harder (mandarins, oranges and lemons).
3.More pervasive to the branches and foliage, as the collection basket has a smaller diameter.
4. The telescopic rod of 3M, can be bought at the local shops (for around 5 €).
5. The head is detached from the pole and used to cut the low fruit.


Price of this item is 25€ + postage expenses. You will find the telescopic rod in the relevant shops (price is about 5€).
You can also use any common rod.

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